Herald-Independent: Travel to be impacted by swim meet

Anyone traveling in the area of the Monona Community Pool next week should be aware of the increased congestion stemming from the three-day All-City Swim Meet.

Expect an increase in traffic west of Monona Drive, especially as drivers get closer to the pool during the event, which will be held Thursday, July 26, through Saturday, July 28.

“The area between Nichols (Road), Winnequah (Road) and Healy Lane will be used for swimmer drop-offs, so expect possible delays,” said Kim Straka, who is handling communications for the local team and the event. “The two-block section of Nichols Road between Healy Lane and Winnequah will be turned into a one-way road onto Winnequah.”

Also, be aware there are several parking lots being used for swimmers and fans.

“Fireman’s Park, Dream Park, parking lot at end of Healy (by ball fields), Community Center, Winnequah lower and upper, Nuestro Mundo, United Methodist, and Immaculate Heart of Mary will all be used in various ways over the three days of All-City,” Straka said.

The All-City event rotates among 13 Dane County clubs, with the 2018 event hosted by the Monona Magicians.

Included in the thousands of swimmers and fans attending the competition will be athletes with disabilities. This year’s All-City league partnership with the Special Olympics and the Unified Swim Program has opened new doors for swimmers with intellectual impairments.

Although no formal All-City partnerships exist for swimmers with physical impairments, individual clubs welcome swimmers with diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, short stature and visual impairments to train and compete in All-City Swim and Dive Meets with their able-bodied peers.

The partnership allows athletes with intellectual disabilities to experience a unique team bond, creating a culture of inclusion that leads to better understanding, new friendships, improved self-esteem and a positive change in attitude, behavior and performance.

Needless to say, an event the size of the All-City Swim Meet does not happen without the help of countless volunteers, and organizers are hoping more residents will want to be among them.

With 1,400 shifts across the three days, there are several spots yet to fill, some for adults and others for teenagers.

“(It’s a) great opportunity for athletic teams, clubs or groups to do together,” Straka said. “We can make special accommodations if a volunteer wants a seated or shaded volunteer shift.”

For more information, visit https://swim.moallcity.com/volunteers.

“We greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation during the three-day swim meet and will be doing our best to make this run as smoothly as we possibly can – as well as make Monona shine,” Straka said.




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