Congratulations Class of 2018!

Eve Levi


I am a graduate of James Madison Memorial High School.

I have been swimming with the All-City league for 8 years.

My favorite event/stroke is 200 IM.

My favorite All-City Memory:
I'd have to say coming in first for all my events last summer was pretty great..... haha just joking. I was 13 when I last participated in All-City and the only memory that truly stuck with me was when I climbed up on the blocks for one of the last races of the day and my coaches yelled "what time is it?"- "Eve-ning!"... classic Parkcrest.

Here's what's next for me:
I will be attending Arizona State University and have plans to double major in dance and journalism. I also plan to travel the world and make friends with everybody I meet, whether they like it or not.