WI State Journal: A by-the-numbers look at the 57th All-City Swim Meet

A by-the-numbers look at the 57th All-City Swim Meet

The 2018 Madison All-City Swim Meet — running Thursday through Saturday at Monona Swim Club — is by no means a small-time operation.

The event dates back to 1962, when a group of parents and coaches organized the event for five city clubs — Ridgewood, Hill Farm, Shorewood, West Side and Maple Bluff.

Eight more pools have joined the fray since, with Goodman Pool becoming the newest to sign on, in 2011.

The three-day event will be hosted by the Monona Swim and Dive Club beginning July 26th. Swimmers ages 4 through 18 will compete this year, and the stands will be jam-packed with cheering friends and family members.

“This is an extraordinary swim meet,” said Anne Saloma, the meet’s co-chairperson this year. “We have all ages and ability levels of youth swimmers, from beginners to elite Division I university commitments,” Saloma said.

“It’s magical to witness them all come together for three days to show camaraderie and compete in the sport they love, and have tons of fun while doing so.”

The Monona Swim and Dive Club has spent more than two years busy with preparations for this weekend’s event. For the first time this year, the team championship trophy will be named the “Tom Knoche All City Championship Trophy,” in honor of one of the individuals instrumental in the founding of the event.

Here are some behind-the-scenes numbers that help to convey the enormity of the event:

4,426: The number of events scheduled during the three-day competition. More than 2,000 swimmers will compete in at least one race.

62: Swimmers who will be honored during Senior Recognition, observing those who are competing in the meet for the final time. Two of the individuals are competing in their first all-city meet. Five seniors will be racing for the 14th year: Natalie Donkle (Ridgewood), Annemarie Frucht (Nakoma), Caroline Hippen (Middleton), Eric Storms (Monona) and Ben McDade (Monona).

612: The total number of bagels ordered for the concession stand.

0: The amount of road closures as a result of the meet. However, the northbound section of Nichols Road will be designated as one-way from Healy Lane to Winnequah Road during the meet, to accommodate the safe drop-off of swimmers.

157,484: Meals donated to Second Harvest by all 13 pools through fundraising efforts in 2017. Since 2008, when the All-City League first partnered with Second Harvest, more than 1.57 million meals and 2,360 pounds of food have been donated.

1,200: Number of ribbons to be presented to heat winners. 150 first-place medals also will be awarded, including those previously given out during the diving portion of the meet.

252: Volunteer shifts needed to assist in the Clerk of Course area. Individuals in these positions will ensure swimmers are checked in and ready for their events on time.

800: Folding chairs that will be assembled at various locations on the property. Almost half of them will be in the Clerk of Course tent, where swimmers wait for their races.

1,276: Seats available for spectators in the bleachers. Forty-five rows of bleachers will accommodate the anticipated full-house crowd.

844: The combined total of bratwurst and burgers to be sold during the event. Metcalfes donated the burgers and Stoddard’s Meat Market donated the bratwurst.

2,200: Zip ties to be used during the meet, to hold together rows of folding chairs in the Clerk of Course tent and hold up sponsor banners on the grounds.



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